29th October 2014

Dominic Raab, Esq., MP
House of Commons
London SW1

Sent by email to dominic.raab.mp@parliament.uk

Dear Mr Raab

Search and Rescue of Refugees in Peril in the Mediterranean

As a former marine insurance underwriter and member of the British Maritime Law Association, and as a Christian, I am horrified that the Government has refused to support search and rescue missions to save refugees in danger of drowning in the Mediterranean.

This country has ships and helicopters which could be used in this vital work, and is sufficiently wealthy to commit military resources to bombing campaigns seemingly with little hesitation.

The reason given for our failure to support this vital humanitarian work, that it would ‘operate as a pull factor’ is grotesque, and intellectually insulting.

We have a clear humanitarian duty, as a leading maritime nation, to save life at sea. I hope that you will agree with me and make representations urgently that this immoral and inhuman policy be changed forthwith.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Hugh Bryant