General Synod Election 2015, Diocese of Guildford Hustings, House of Laity

Question 5: What is your view on equal marriage and the church? Specifically would you like to see gay people marry in church? And would you like to see the ordination of married gay people? ” (Kristina Ingate, Guildford Deanery Synod)

Answer by Hugh Bryant:
On the face of it, the traditional church view of marriage, as between a ‘man and a woman’, given that God ‘made them male and female’, might seem to rule out gay marriage, at least in church. I disagree. It seems to me that maleness and femaleness are degrees on a spectrum of sexuality. Few people are in reality wholly male or female: and many people’s sexuality evolves and changes over time. Therefore in a given relationship there may be maleness and femaleness, even if by basic biology the couple are both ostensibly of the same sex. They are both people, both God’s creatures, both welcome in God’s church. We should certainly marry them: and we should certainly welcome gay married ministers. An enthusiastic ‘yes’ to both questions! 
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