Dear Mr Raab
One of the frustrating things about living in a parliamentary ‘safe seat’ while being a member of a party other than that of the incumbent MP is that one rarely finds oneself in political sympathy with the said MP. You will have noticed this from previous correspondence where I am concerned.
However, in the EU referendum I found myself on the side of the substantial majority of Elmbridge voters who had voted to ‘Remain’, and it was you, as a ‘Leave’ campaigner, who was not in tune.
Now, as I understand things, before any notice can be given for Britain to leave the EU, pursuant to Art. 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon, the provision of Art 50.1 that ‘Any Member State may decide to withdraw from the Union in accordance with its own constitutional requirements’ must be complied with.
In our case, this must mean that the European Communities Act (‘ECA’) 1972 must first be repealed, before notice under Art 50 can be given. This will require a vote in Parliament.
As our MP I call upon you to recognise that a large majority of your constituents do not want to leave the EU, and that a fortiori they will not want you to go against their wishes in voting to repeal the ECA. Will you therefore please assure me that, when the possible repeal of the ECA 1972 comes before Parliament, you will vote against it, in accordance with the express wish of a substantial majority of your constituents?
I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully

[Dominic Raab is MP for Esher and Walton.

The Borough of Elmbridge voted 59.5% to remain, and 40.5% to leave the EU, on a turnout of 78% of those entitled to vote.]