Dear Mr Raab

Please would you read this piece from the Guardian:
What do you think about the situation described? Do you care?

It is vital that we get back to spending at least the European average, i.e. around 10% of GDP, instead of the current 6-7%. Your party’s dogma, that public spending should not exceed 35% of GDP, is harming our country. Mrs May’s vacuous speeches pretending that you care about poorer people are arrant nonsense in the light of the damage your party is doing to the NHS, let alone anything else.

The NHS is something on which your constituents, whose wishes you so loftily ignore in relation to the disastrous Brexit nonsense, would, I am confident, prefer you to spend your time. Or is there some privatising hidden agenda being followed by you and J. Hunt? Are you not ashamed?

Yours sincerely
Hugh Bryant