Text of letter to Dominic Raab MP through Avaaz, 1 February 2017

Dear Mr Raab,

You and I have already corresponded about your failure to represent your constituents’ 60-40 majority against Brexit. Even if, which I do not accept, you are able to get away with your unrepresentative position, I understand that you say you have a proper care for the best interests of your constituents. 

I would therefore urge you to support the giving of a vote in Parliament to approve or disapprove the Brexit settlement which HM Government says they will have negotiated, before any notice under Article 50 is given.

Further, I would ask that, until or unless terms are obtained which either retain our membership of the single market and customs union, or provide equal trade benefits, consisting in the absence of tariffs, which membership of the EU provides, you do not vote in favour of steps to leave the EU, as, unless such terms are obtained, leaving the EU would be catastrophic for our economy – and particularly the economy of the City of London, where many of your constituents earn their living.

I do not believe that a majority of those who voted nationally to leave the EU voted for us to leave the single market and customs union. The choice on the ballot paper was simply to advise Parliament of a wish to leave the EU or not: nothing else. Mrs May’s stated wish to interpret the vote as a vote for more restricted immigration, even if this necessarily implies leaving the single market and customs union, is not something for which any democratic sanction can reliably be claimed. Given that catastrophic harm to our economy would be caused by such a ‘hard Brexit’, I call on you for once to listen to your constituents and vote in accordance with their wishes, at least insofar as the need to stay in the single market and customs union is concerned.

Hugh Bryant

Note: Your constituent Hugh Bryant sent you this message as part of an Avaaz campaign to ensure citizens and MPs have their say on the final Brexit deal.