I am standing for the Labour Party in Cobham and Downside. I’m general manager of Cobham Area Foodbank. The Tories’ Universal Credit has increased demand on our food bank by over 50% since UC came in at the end of  November. 

I am campaigning to stop the night closure of Painshill Fire Station.

Surrey’s consultation proposal, ’Making Surrey Safer’ foresees ‘savings’ (actually, cuts) of between £2m and £2.5m. 

Closing fire stations at night and relying on risk prevention is not an answer if it is your home that is on fire, perhaps with children or disabled elderly people trapped inside. Your home may not catch fire at night very often, but if it does, you do not want to find that the nearest fire station is shut. 

Animal rescue is to be classed as ‘non-emergency’ and charged for. How does this square with our love of and basic decent instinct to care for animals? 

As a former marine insurance underwriter, I understand catastrophe risk – and I don’t agree with Surrey CC’s proposals.